Points of interest

Highlight nearby attractions and landmarks to help persuade travelers they’ve found the best place to stay.

Best for:

All properties

Used for:

Creating a high-performing listing


Increases traveler confidence to book


Travelers aren’t just looking for somewhere to sleep. They want to explore and connect with their destination. Points of interest allow you to highlight the convenience of your location to leisure travelers and tempt business travelers to extend their trip for sightseeing.

  • May increase likelihood of capturing or extending a booking
  • Minimizes confusion about proximity to sites, resulting in happier guests
  • May differentiate your property from competitors

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How it works

Using Points of interest is easy—we provide initial ideas to inspire your inner tour guide.

  • Review the 10 nearby activities and attractions we suggest.
  • Customize the list based on your expertise. Remove the basics and suggest local activities – hiking trails, restaurants, not-to-miss tours and sights – that can be easily reached from your property.
  • Add your own photos to truly stand out. If they’re already on your smart phone, submitting them via the Partner Central app will just take a minute. We’ll review and publish them within two weeks.

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95% of travelers with children agree that keeping their family entertained and happy is of the utmost importance.

Expedia Group Media Solutions, 2019


More than half of all business trips turn into bleisure trips.

Expedia Group Media Solutions, 2019

What makes a great Point of interest?

Points of interest should attract and inspire guests to book. Include well-known sights travelers won’t want to miss, as well as lesser-known offerings that provide a taste of local life.

  • Museums
  • Parks
  • Viewing platforms
  • Iconic landmarks
  • Universities
  • Beaches
  • Marinas
  • Airports
  • Entertainment venues
  • Seasonal attractions
  • Markets

“Location is key, especially for leisure travelers. They want to experience the best our city has to offer with the limited time they are here.”

Troy T. 

Director of Sales and Marketing 

Inn at the Market, Seattle 


The detail you share about your property – types of amenities, services, policies and proximity to popular sites – is used when travelers narrow a search to find an accommodation that meets their specific needs.  The visibility of your hotel is helped when you provide robust information.  Excellent photos and information about your surroundings help travelers imagine staying with you and prompt them to book their stay.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to improve your Content Score. Your Content Score confirms you’ve crafted a high performing listing for Expedia Group sites and allows you to compare the quality of your content to comparable properties in your market.

Watch our video on uploading photos or use these instructions. Your Photo Score quickly identifies whether your gallery has the images travelers typically want to see, determines if the quantity and quality are right and highlights areas to improve to drive more engagement.

Yes! These tips will help you add landmarks and sites to your listing. Travelers often have a list of things they want to see and do and will filter their hotel searches to stay nearby. Points of interest are used to match your property to proximity searches and help travelers feel confident enough to book their stay. 

Our easy-to-use platform, Partner Central, will be the primary location for managing reservations, loading inventory, changing rates and keeping your listing up to date. Many partners opt to use a connectivity provider to link our systems and automatically perform daily tasks. They log in to Partner Central to leverage our more advanced tools including competitive set analysis, real-time market pricing and other marketing programs. If you have any problems, our local teams are ready to help.

Yes. Expedia Group partners have access to a suite of tools and data insights that help you develop and execute a profitable revenue management strategy. We're constantly innovating and publishing best-practice guidance to support your success.

An online travel agency (OTA) is a key part of your distribution strategy. If your goal is to reach more travelers and attract those who will be happiest at your property, an OTA can help.

At Expedia Group the breadth of our travel supply attracts travelers who are researching, planning and booking travel. They often plan far in advance, stay longer at your property and spend more. In addition to helping you fill your rooms, we provide tools and market insights to help you provide outstanding guest experiences and grow your business.

We are one of the world’s leading travel marketplaces, with an extensive brand portfolio that includes both globally recognized and locally relevant travel brands, including Expedia, Hotels.com, Orbitz, Travelocity and more. Learn more in our About Us section.

No. To keep your workload to a minimum, we automatically email the guest to confirm the reservation.

You can easily cancel a reservation on behalf of a guest in Partner Central. If a cancellation fee applies, you can charge the linked Expedia Virtual Card on the cancellation date.

Yes. The Messages tool in Partner Central allows communication with guests before they arrive and we're happy to include check-in instructions with your property listing. 

As an Expedia Group partner, you choose how you want to accept guest payments. Options include leveraging our secure payment processing to have travelers pay online when they book and charging an Expedia Group issued virtual credit card for payment at check-out. You can also have guests pay you directly at check-out and compensate Expedia Group.

To appeal to the broadest number of travelers, you can choose to offer both options and let the guests decide what's best for them.

It isn't a problem if your property doesn't accept credit cards. We'll make sure your listing communicates how you accept payment (cash, check, credit card, etc.) so travelers are prepared when they arrive. We'll confirm with you in a call to welcome you to the Expedia Group family.

In addition to providing an easy-to-use and secure experience for travelers to book your rooms, Expedia Group invests heavily in advertising, digital marketing and social media promotion to attract consumers from around the world to your market and individual property.

We are constantly mining our data for insights and emerging travel trends so we can both innovate and develop the best set of free and robust tools that enable you to grow your business. We also operate traveler and partner support centers to help solve the sticky logistical issues that inevitably arise when people set out to explore the world.