In-house Feedback

Confirm guests have a positive first impression and are satisfied at the start of their stay.

Best for:

All properties

Used for:

Managing guest satisfaction


Increased likelihood of positive reviews


Have you ever been surprised by a negative review because of an issue you knew nothing about? Don’t assume a quiet guest is a happy guest—confirm satisfaction is high with In-house feedback.

  • Identify and resolve guest concerns during their stay.
  • Reduce the risk of poor guest reviews.

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How it works

In-house Feedback will reveal issues and opportunities alike, and the speed and quality of your response can help transform any situation into a better outcome. In-house Feedback may also motivate freshly satisfied guests to write a glowing review. Here’s the process:

  • On arrival day, your guests will receive an email requesting feedback on check-in, their room, location, etc.
  • You’ll receive an alert when guests provide feedback.
  • Satisfied guests can be acknowledged with personal message or via the Say Thank You button.
  • Guests with concerns should be personally acknowledged and given a sense of how you plan to improve their experience.

Please know, your dialog with guests is private, and does not appear outside of Partner Central.

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Over 52 million In-house feedback responses received from guests worldwide since launch.

Expedia Group, 2019


Properties that respond to In-house feedback see post-trip review scores up to 10% higher

Expedia Group, 2016

"In-house Feedback provides an opportunity to identify and address concerns at the time it matters most, when guests are onsite, and we can influence their stay."

Sue J.

Stackwell House, London