Prague hotel uses package promotions to increase occupancy

Located in Prague’s popular Old Town, the K+K Hotel Central wanted to find a way to stay ahead of the competition. See how our marketing campaigns and promotions helped this upscale hotel attract high-value guests, boost occupancy rates, and grow their revenue.

  127 rooms

 Boutique hotel chain

 15 years in business


year-over-year revenue growth


growth in the hotel's package business

Challenge: How to stand out from the competition

The K+K Hotel Central is an exclusive property located in the heart of Prague’s popular Old Town. With unique Art Déco architecture, excellent reviews, a spa, fitness center, bar, and restaurant, the hotel has a lot to offer guests.

The only problem is they share their prime location with dozens of other highly rated upscale hotels. And more choice for travelers creates stiff competition for K+K Hotel Central.

“We need to stay ahead of the trends in order to stay competitive, and working with Expedia Group gives us that advantage…We have a fantastic relationship with our market manager who ensures I understand the latest trends and behavior in my competitive set.”

Barbora Slachova

Revenue Manager, K+K Hotel Central

Solution: Use package promotions to boost occupancy

To grow their business, the hotel team turned to our Partner Central tools to gain a competitive edge.

They use the analytics tools to uncover and understand local market trends. With a customized competitive set, they can compare their pricing, booking capture rate, visibility, and revenue performance to see who they’re losing business to and how often they’re winning.

Guest Insights, another tool available in Partner Central, also revealed potential revenue growth opportunities by country.

Armed with this intel, Hotel K+K Central evaluated ways to target offers to travelers from different locations. The team identified that package promotions, which allow guests to bundle their hotel, flights, and/or car rentals at a discount, helped them reach international guests and large groups. These valuable audiences typically spend more, stay longer, and cancel less frequently.*

With package promotions, the hotel’s packages business grew by more than 140% in the last year.

Future: Rising above the competition

After experiencing such impressive results, the K+K Hotel Central continues to take advantage of various marketing campaigns and promotions available through Expedia Group.

To help them increase their bookings, they offer exclusive Members Only Deals to the more than 145 million travelers in our loyalty programs. TravelAds Sponsored Listings also help them connect with the right audience and improve their visibility in search results.

Additionally, the hotel’s exceptional guest service qualified them to participate in VIP Access, an invite-only benefit program for highly rated properties. In exchange for providing special benefits, like exclusive perks and recognition to loyalty members, the VIP Access badge helps ensure their listing stands out to travelers.

Overall, our partnership with the K+K Hotel Central has helped the property set themselves apart from competition and grow their revenue by 45% over the past 12 months.

*Expedia Group, 2018

Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.

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