Exclusive Members Only deals help drive traveler attention

Offering Members Only promotional deals to travelers signed in and searching across Expedia Group sites helped Stephen Coston attract high-quality, loyal travelers and drive a steady stream of bookings.

 45+ rooms 

  Independent inns 

  EG partner since 2015 

Their Story

Stephen Coston owns a set of recently renovated boutique inns in Bar Harbor, Maine, near Acadia National Park. These properties offer exceptional service and local charm to travelers from across the Eastern Seaboard. Stephen is an entrepreneur at heart and buying and restoring local boutique hotels is a passion. He oversees all strategic aspects of the business, setting prices and promotions, responding to reviews, and helping his innkeepers reach customer and sales goals.  


Since 2015, Stephen has successfully used Expedia Group’s marketplace to reintroduce his newly remodeled and rebranded properties to travelers. He says that with Expedia Group Partner Central, he can easily change amenities, and update policies, property names, and descriptions.  


Over the last year, the pandemic’s impact on travel presented both challenges and opportunities for his properties. Close to many populous Northeastern cities, Stephen’s inns were fortunately able to draw regional travelers who could arrive by car. In fact, Bar Harbor has recovered well from the downturn in tourism. 


Even so, it has been important for Stephen to cast as wide a net as possible to capture bookings. He found that using Expedia Group’s Members Only promotions was a creative and effective strategy to attract more travelers. 

“I use Members Only promotions to make sure I’m giving travelers every reason to choose my property. Offering this little hook to members gives me visibility with lots of high-quality travelers.”

Stephen Coston 

Owner / Operator 

The Inn on Mount Desert and The Primrose 

Their Solution

Members Only deals target customers signed in and searching across Expedia Group sites, allowing Stephen to consistently attract high-quality bookings and make the most of returning demand. These exclusive deals are easy to set up within Partner Central, and these loyal travelers tend to spend more, stay longer, and book more frequently.


You can even add Members Only deals on top of existing promotions to help ensure that these loyal travelers see the value in choosing your property. Stephen uses this method of stacking promotions to ensure that Expedia Group members are always getting his best deals. The promotions are flexible and allow for blockout dates to address seasonal demand. This way, you have the control to target discounts to specific customer groups.


Stephen invests a great deal in renovating his properties. He values Members Only deals because he knows these promotions will reach a core set of high-value travelers. He says this gives him confidence that his updated inns will get a great introduction to a desirable target audience.


And he says he’s found that the guests booking through Expedia Group tend to be happy travelers in general and also give great reviews!


Stephen is committed to delivering a unique guest experience for every guest and plans to continue expanding his property portfolio. He knows that Expedia Group will make it easy for him to get his new listings ready and Members Only deals will help him attract quality travelers who are ready to book.


Visit Partner Central and set up your own Members Only deals to attract these high-value travelers today!