Great guest experiences start with great communication

Delivering exceptional guest experiences is what the Duque Hotel Boutique & Spa specializes in. Consistent engagement before and after each stay helps them drive favorable reviews and repeat business. Expedia Group’s Messages tool helps the Duque Hotel team communicate quickly and easily, in an on-brand way.

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The challenge

The Duque Hotel Boutique & Spa in Argentina prides itself on offering high-touch, personalized service for travelers who want both a luxurious environment and a climate that makes them feel at home.  

To start every stay off right, Operations Manager Igmar Lovera wanted a way to easily engage with guests before arrival to make them aware of important items such as applicable taxes (for domestic guests) and other details like airport shuttle service or dietary restrictions. 

She also wanted to empower the Duque Hotel reservations and service teams to respond to any questions and concerns right away and, when appropriate, offer upgrade opportunities.

To facilitate these communications, Igmar turned to Expedia Group’s Messages tool, available in Partner Central. Messages offers a centralized way to manage conversations with guests and enables easy-to-use templates that help the team engage quickly, easily, and consistently. 

“On a scale of 1-10, being able to reply quickly to a guest with a question is definitely a 10. It also helps us head off cancellations.”

Igmar Lovera

 Operations Manager

Duque Hotel Boutique & Spa 

The Solution

Using Messages, the Duque Hotel team can view reservation details like the number of guests and rate plan information alongside the conversation so they can accurately answer questions.  

Team members can also attach documents and images to easily convey information about the property. Filters available on the Messages main page allows staff to sort unread and unanswered messages with just a click so no message is missed.

Handy Messages templates enable pre-set responses to common questions, decreasing response time and increasing guest satisfaction, while at the same time reducing management need to provide answers each time. 

The Duque Hotel has created template responses for their most common questions in both English and Spanish so that staff members can easily respond in the way that’s most convenient for the guest. 

Igmar’s team also uses Messages to offer appropriate upsell opportunities, helping increase revenue with upgrades and spa services. 

The Future

With Messages, the Duque Hotel team can learn more about their guests, so they can design and deliver the best stay experience possible.   

Messages has also helped them decrease cancellations with a level of responsiveness that supports rebooking efforts and drives repeat visits. 

As travel volume grows, the Duque Hotel plans to add more rooms to continue to grow the property and serve more guests.   

Igmar is looking forward to deepening the hotel’s focus on guest relations by leveraging the many other tools available in Partner Central, like in-house feedback.  

Tools like Messages are a critical element of delivering the extraordinary guest experiences that make them one of the leading boutique hotels in the area.