Guest experience

The modern traveler’s definition of an exceptional stay is constantly evolving, almost as fast as new channels for engagement and communication become available. For hoteliers, it’s now more difficult to consistently provide a personalized experience that delights their guests and, ultimately, results in glowing reviews that fuel their growth.

The resources here support two key approaches for creating a modern guest experience. First, ground your strategy in a set of core principles that prioritize consistent, proactive and responsive service. Next, align your efforts to shaping and meeting expectations before, during and after each stay.

The foundation of providing a great guest experience hasn’t changed—leave the traveler feeling valued and delighted after every interaction. But experience now includes digital and in-person engagement, significantly increasing the number of touchpoints and communication channels that must be considered. From pre-stay messages to room amenities, from staff interactions to the ease of booking – hoteliers need to deliver a consistent, high-quality guest experience.

No matter how daunting, we know you’ll rise to the challenge. It is your passion for creating special moments that transforms a holiday into the trip of a lifetime—and that inspires us. That’s why we’ve assembled these guest experience resources and the insights and capabilities in Partner Central to support you. Interested in the guest communication tools available to you?

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