Hotel Marketing

More people are traveling. On social media and the internet, they dream and discover possible destinations. As plans form, they use their mobile devices to read reviews and search for the perfect place to stay. Connecting with these modern explorers will be a joy for any hotelier, but with so much choice and so many channels—how will you connect?

This is the quandary in the modern lodging landscape. How to stand out in the face of increased competition and engage the right travelers amid the millions planning online. The resources on this page will help. From guides to targeting your best guests to tips for managing reviews—you’ll find it here.

A hotel marketing strategy creates an overall game plan for how marketing activities will help you attract guests, sell rooms and achieve profitable growth. By defining “why” and “what” you’ll do, you can make more informed decisions about how you invest limited budget and resources.

Targeting a specific traveler audience is key, allowing you to tell a truly compelling story about why your property is perfect for their needs and support your claim with example amenities, photos and glowing reviews from previous guests who are just like them. This enhanced appeal will help you win more business with the guests you want most.

Strategy in place, be sure to explore the marketing and promotions tools in Partner Central. They’re easy to use and will help you deliver results.