Quality counts

Two-thirds of Americans believe that life will return to “something close to normal” by 2021. What does this “next normal” look like for the travel industry, and how can you best prepare your properties to navigate a situation that is hard to predict? 

This report reveals how COVID-19 altered traveler spending patterns, the role of online travel agencies (OTAs) in recovery, and how you can reset your strategy to attract the travelers that matter most.

OTA travelers spend more

Domestic OTA travelers spend 16% more per trip and 5% more on-property. Despite the perception that OTA travelers are price conscious, they spend nearly the same amount as direct bookers on accommodations and more at business in the destination. Domestic OTA travelers are also more likely to book higher-end hotels than direct bookers.

OTA travelers stay longer

OTA travelers stay more nights: On average, domestic OTA travelers stay nearly five nights, while direct bookers stay just over four nights. International OTA travelers stay nearly seven and a half nights, compared to seven nights for hotel bookers.


OTAs help travelers find the best rate

Travelers’ preference for online bookings has increased since the beginning of the pandemic. Travelers are 57% more likely to book a hotel via an OTA than before the pandemic. This is most pronounced among millennials and Generation X, the two groups with the highest overall intent to travel.