Top strategies and tips for maximizing Accelerator performance

Expedia Group’s marketing tools offer a variety of solutions for any size property to increase visibility and bookings across Expedia Group sites. Accelerator is a tool that increases your listing’s visibility using a flexible “pay as you go” model. 

Accelerator is easy to set up, you simply increase the compensation you pay Expedia Group on your bookings in exchange for a boost in their placement. You can customize your Accelerator by adjusting the compensation and selecting date ranges, with the ability to stop and start the accelerator at any time.

Here are some strategies you can use for getting the most out of an Accelerator:  

  • Check your quality score: start by confirming your quality score and offer strength are both strong. You will get the best use of Accelerator when you have Good to Excellent scores organically driving your property higher in the sort order.  
  • Try an evergreen Accelerator: If you are brand new to the Expedia Group marketplace and do not yet have historical bookings, you may find you’re starting lower in the sort order. Creating an Accelerator with no end date will help your visibility and encourage more bookings to start building that history and once bookings come in, your sort order will be positively influenced. 
  • Boost promotions with an Accelerator: Using an Accelerator is a great way to drive up the visibility of your promotions. You can target your promotion to your business needs such as filling last-minute rooms, value-add amenities, targeting frequent travelers with a members-only deal, or any type of custom promotion. 
  • More filtering boosts you higher: Keep in mind that as travelers narrow their search based on attributes and filtering, your Accelerator works harder, pushing your listing up higher.
  • Use analytics to track performance and optimize: You can easily track your Accelerator performance. Tracking page views and impressions allow you to compare apples to apples with other performance-based marketing or advertising programs. Keep in mind that you don’t pay for page views and impressions, you only pay for the Accelerator when you get bookings. 
  • Modify your Accelerator as the market changes:  You can adjust your Accelerator when you see changes in your market such as an increase or decrease in occupancy. 
  • Highest spots in the sort are the most powerful: If you already have a high sort order, keep in mind that the higher you move up the more likely you are to get bookings and remember you aren’t paying anything for higher placement until you’ve received the booking. 
  • Optimize for specific markets: Within the preview tool settings, you can adjust the markets to see the impact in a specific area. This is great if you are focused on being at the top of the search in a dedicated market.
  • Use the preview dashboard to dial in the best settings: The preview tool shows you how your Accelerator should perform based on your settings. Play with the settings, set different dates, or adjust markets, and compensation levels to see which combinations have the best impact. 

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