A travel rewards strategy that puts you in charge

One Key™ accelerates demand for you by catering to what our members want most: flexibility. You can drive the results you’re looking for with a mix of Members Only Deals, perks, or promotional OneKeyCash™ to attract high-value travelers across our traveler brands. Learn how to set up a special offer strategy that’s right for you.

Members Only Deals are more flexible than ever

Our improved Members Only Deals stand out from other loyalty solutions. How? We’ve updated them to create even more visibility, flexibility, and revenue potential for you.

Instead of offering a blanket deal to all travel rewards members, you can now show unique deals to the guests who can offer you the most value.

Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tier members.


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“I use Members Only Deals to make sure I’m giving travelers every reason to choose my property. Offering this little hook to members gives me visibility with lots of high-quality travelers.”

Stephen Coston 

Owner / Operator, The Inn on Mount Desert and The Primrose

You’re always in control

With the evolution of this tried-and-true solution, Members Only Deals let you optimize your promotions strategy by adding tailored and fenced offers to our different loyalty tiers, offering higher incentives to our highest-value members.

And, unlike some other travel rewards programs that offer lifetime loyalty status, our program assesses member eligibility annually, so you're always targeting our most frequent travelers.

When setting up a Member Only Deal:

  • Confirm your offers for each tier (10% for Blue, 15% for Silver, 20% for Gold and Platinum) and apply to all room types and rate plans.
  • Offer no more than 30 blackout dates per year.
  • Provide coverage on all standalone rate plans and all room types.


You choose the deal and the timeframe it’s available, and we promote it to high-value guests.

Create a Member Only Deal

Members drove approximately 3x the gross bookings per customer, over 2x the gross profit per customer, and 2x the repeat business versus non-members.

Expedia Group, global bookings on Expedia.com and Hotels.com, 18 months, 2021 - 2022

Perks put more eyes on your property

In addition to special discount promotions, offering our most frequent travelers unique perks can be a winning strategy to boost your occupancy. Join the VIP Access program to offer perks to our most frequent travelers and capture incremental bookings.

This exclusive program gives your property increased visibility across all tiers with badging, in-stay perks, and promotional Expedia Group-funded OneKeyCash™.


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