Scale your business with a connectivity solution

Save time and increase accuracy by using a connectivity solution. Connected properties can alleviate the manual work of uploading room, rates, availability, and other information into Partner Central since data is automatically exchanged between the property and Expedia Group through a third-party connectivity provider.

Connectivity Partner Program

To ensure our lodging partners have the tools and services they need to perform at their best, we work with a wide variety of third-party connectivity providers offering services that include channel managers (CM), property management systems (PMS), central reservation systems (CRS), revenue management systems (RMS), and more.

Our Connectivity Partner Program recognizes and rewards top connectivity providers for maintaining high-quality connections and helping lodging partners grow their business on the Expedia Group marketplace.

Elite partners

Anand Systems (ASI Front Desk)

Anand Systems is a leading hotel software provider for Cloud and On-Premise solutions. Channel Manager, Revenue Manager & CRS. 25 years in business.

  • PMS
  • Independent hotels & motels, vacation rentals, Sonesta brand, Hospitality International brand, B&B, lodge
  • Global
  • System languages: English, Gujarati, Hindi, Spanish
  • Support languages: English, Gujarati, Hindi
  • Subscription

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Beds24 is a multi-award-winning, cost-effective, powerful, reliable and flexible all-in-one solution which simplifies workflows and automates repetitive tasks.

  • CM, PMS, Booking Engine
  • Independent hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, agencies
  • Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia, Africa
  • System languages: 6
  • Support languages: English, German
  • Subscription

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HotelRunner is a B2B network where accommodations, travel agencies, and payment systems find, contract, connect, and transact with each other online. HotelRunner provides a complete property, online sales and distribution management platform for all types of accommodations.

  • CM, PMS, CRS
  • Independent hotels, global chains, boutique hotels, vacation rentals, hostels, motels
  • Asia, Europe, America, Africa
  • System languages: English, French, Spanish, Turkish
  • Support languages: English, French, Spanish, Turkish
  • Fee per transaction, Subscription

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HSystem provides a complete distribution, sales, and guest acquisition platform for hotels.

  • CM
  • Independent hotels, small chains, specialty lodging, bed & breakfast accommodations
  • Brazil
  • System languages: Portuguese (Brazil), English/Spanish (Coming soon)
  • Support languages: Portuguese (Brazil), English/Spanish (Coming soon)
  • Subscription

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OpenHotel, Inc.

All-In-One cloud based platform including best in class Property Management System, Yield Management, Channel Manager, Central Reservations and more.

  • CM, PMS, CRS, Yield Management, Hotel Websites
  • Independent hotels, global chains, specialty lodging, vacation rentals
  • North America, Europe, Central America, Caribbean, South America
  • System languages: English
  • Support languages: English, Spanish
  • Subscription

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Phobs is a complete cloud solution for managing the online segment of hotel sales.

  • CRS
  • Global chains, resorts, independent hotels, campsites, apartments
  • Europe, South America
  • System languages: 30
  • Support languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German
  • Pricing on request



RateTiger is the go-to platform for hoteliers for safe, secure, and seamless online distribution and channel management for guest acquisition and revenue maximization.

  • CM, CRS
  • Chains, independents, boutique hotels and casinos
  • Global with focus on Americas, EMEA and APAC
  • System languages: English, French, Spanish
  • Support languages: English, French, Spanish
  • Subscription, Fee per transaction, Hybrid

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Channel Manager and Booking Engine for Hotels

  • CM
  • Independent hotels, boutique hotels, resorts etc.
  • Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, Greece, Europe, Asia
  • System languages: 10
  • Support languages: English, Portuguese, Turkish
  • Subscription, Fee per transaction

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Sabre Hospitality

SynXis Central Reservations support your brand with flexible configurability, while our API-driven model gives you the ability to connect your ecosystem to go beyond ordinary.

  • CRS, PMS
  • Independent hotels, global chains, and enterprise partners.
  • Serving nearly 200 countries and territories globally
  • System languages: 34
  • Support languages: 8
  • Fee per transaction

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STAAH Ltd is a New Zealand-based technology company that specialises in cloud-based channel management and booking engine for accommodation providers helping them maximise their online revenue.

  • CM
  • Independent hotels, global hotel chains, vacation rentals, hostels, holiday parks, B&Bs
  • Oceania, SE Asia, India, Middle East, UK & Europe
  • System languages: English
  • Support languages: English, Bahasa, Thai
  • Subscription


Windsurfer CRS

Generating revenue for your hotels starts with Windsurfer, a central reservation system that manages your distribution and IBE with ease.

  • CRS
  • Independent hotel and global chains
  • Europe and North America
  • System languages: 22
  • Support languages: English, Spanish
  • Fee per transaction, Subscription

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Preferred partners

247 Channel Manager

  • Hotels, motels, serviced apartments, vacation rentals, holiday accommodation, bed and breakfast
  • Australia, New Zealand
  • System language: English
  • Support language: English
  • Subscription

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  • CM
  • Properties of any kind
  • Indonesia
  • System languages: English, Indonesian
  • Support languages: English, Indonesian, French
  • Subscription

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  • CM, CRS, Booking Engine, Content Manager, GDS
  • Independent hotels and hotel management groups
  • North America, Europe
  • System languages: English, German
  • Support languages: English, German
  • Subscription

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Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform

  • CM, PMS
  • Independent hotels, hotel groups, hostels, B&Bs and inns, vacation rentals
  • Global (all countries)
  • System languages: 7
  • Support languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Subscription, Fee per transaction

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Cubilis Hotel Software

  • CM
  • Independent hotels, hotel chains, B&Bs, vacation rentals
  • Europe
  • System languages: 6
  • Support languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian
  • Subscription

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  • Connectivity technology
  • Global hotel chains of all sizes, alternative accommodations, independent hotels properties, PMS providers
  • North America, South America, EMEA, APAC
  • System languages: all
  • Support languages: all
  • Fee per transaction

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  • CM, CRS
  • Independent hotels, chains, specialty lodging, rentals
  • Europe & LATAM
  • System languages: Portugese, English, Spanish, Russian
  • Support languages: Portugese, English, Spanish
  • Subscription

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  • CM, PMS, CRS, Payments, Websites & Guest Communications
  • Hotels, B&B, specialty lodgings & vacation rentals
  • Global
  • System languages: 8
  • Support languages: 6
  • Subscription

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  • CM, PMS, CRS
  • Standalone hotels, specialty lodging, hostels, chains
  • SEA, Europe, LATAM, GCC, Africa, Indian Subcontinent
  • System languages: 60
  • Support languages: English, Hindi
  • Subscription & fee per transaction

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  • CM, PMS, Booking Engine
  • Hotels, motels, resorts, specialty lodging & vacation rentals
  • Australasia, South Pacific, Asia Pacific
  • System languages: English
  • Support languages: English
  • Subscription, Fee per transaction & Personalized Pricing Options

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Hotel Link

  • CM
  • Independent hotels, hotel chains, boutique hotels, specialty lodging, vacation rentals, hostel & homestay
  • Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei, Pacific Islands, Seychelles, Brazil, Portugal, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Ghana, Costa Rica.
  • System languages: 6
  • Support languages: 6
  • Subscription

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Hoteliers Guru Channel Manager

  • CM
  • Independent hotels
  • Thailand
  • System languages: English
  • Support languages: English, Thai
  • Subscription

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HotelKey Inc.

  • PMS, CM, CRS
  • Independent hotels
  • US, Canada
  • System language: English
  • Support languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati
  • Subscription, Fee Per Room

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HotelPartner Yield Management

  • RMS
  • Independent hotels, hotel chains & aparthotels
  • Europe
  • System languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Support languages: German, French, English
  • Fixed Fee + Percentage on Rooms Revenue

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iHospitality Gateway (formerly HBSi)

  • CM, Rate and inventory management platform
  • Resorts, resort groups, gaming hotels, regional chains, global chains
  • Global
  • System language: English
  • Support language: English, Spanish
  • Fee per transaction

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Kross Booking

  • CM, PMS, CRS
  • Vacation rentals, independent hotels & chains
  • Europe
  • System languages: Italian, Spanish, English, French
  • Support languages: Italian, Spanish, English, French
  • Subscription

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  • CM, CRS, PMS, Booking Engine
  • Hotels, vacation rentals, B&B, hostels
  • Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia
  • System languages: 24
  • Support languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian
  • Subscription

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  • CM, IBE
  • Independent hotels, boutique hotels
  • Mexico, Central and South America
  • System languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Deutsch
  • Support languages: English, Spanish
  • Subscription, Fee per transaction

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Pegasus CRS by Cendyn

  • Brands, global chains, management companies, independent and boutique hotels, casinos and Integrated resorts & partners and resellers
  • US, APAC, EMEA, Latin America
  • System languages: 32
  • Support languages: English, French, German, Spanish
  • Per room, per month subscriptions based

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RezGain by RateGain

  • CM
  • All except vacation rentals
  • Global
  • System languages: English, Spanish, German
  • Support languages: English, Spanish, German
  • Subscription, Fee per transaction

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  • CM, CRS, PMS, Websites
  • Independent hotels, bed & breakfasts, campgrounds, glamping, vacation rentals & specialty lodging
  • North America
  • System Languages: English
  • Support Languages: English, Spanish, Slovakian
  • Subscription, Fee per transaction

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  • CM
  • Independent hotels, apartments, vacation rentals, B&Bs, hostels
  • Worldwide with focus on Europe and LatAm
  • System languages: 15
  • Support languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian
  • Annual fee

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Silverbyte LTD

  • PMS, CM
  • Chains, independent hotels, apartments & small boutique hotels
  • Israel, Europe, South Africa, Philippines
  • System languages: Hebrew, English
  • Support languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, Spanish
  • Subscription, Fee per transaction

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  • CM, PMS, Hotel Commerce Platform
  • Independent hotels, chains, guest houses & apartments
  • Global
  • System languages: 8
  • Support languages: 11
  • Subscription

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Smily (formerly BookingSync)

  • CM, PMS
  • Vacation rentals
  • Global
  • System languages: English, French
  • Support languages: English, French
  • Subscription, Fee per transaction

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Vertical Booking - Zucchetti Hospitality

  • CRS
  • Independent hotels, small-medium groups & chains
  • Global with focus on Europe, North/Central America
  • System languages: 7
  • Support languages: 7
  • Subscription, Fee per transaction

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Viato Suite

  • CRS, CM, Website builder, Task manager, Price check
  • Our product is suitable for all types of accommodation, from a large city or holiday hotel to a small holiday home
  • Europe
  • System languages: German, English
  • Support languages: German, English
  • Subscription

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Perform at your best with a top connectivity partner

To be eligible for Elite or Preferred status, Expedia Group connectivity providers are rated on several technical and performance criteria to ensure they:

  • Enable a wide range of tools and capabilities in the Expedia Group marketplace
  • Provide a quality Expedia Group connection with a reliable user experience
  • Streamline the Expedia Group onboarding experience with high-quality support for properties
  • Maintain a strong portfolio of high-performing properties in the Expedia Group marketplace

Connectivity provider guide on Partner Central

Connectivity providers who offer a certified integration to Expedia Group but are not recognized in the top two tiers of the Connectivity Partner Program are listed on Partner Central.

From over 500 providers, you can filter by property type and the features, pricing models, and restrictions they support. You can also see ratings for availability, booking success, and activation time.


Go to the Connectivity provider guide

Services provided

Connectivity providers offer a variety of services and systems to help you manage your property (or portfolio of properties). Depending on the provider you choose, they can help you to:

  • Distribute rates, availability, and listing content across multiple channels
  • Automate reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and keep track of guest charges
  • Update and manage data for one property or a group of hotels in one centralized system
  • Access advanced reporting and pricing tools


To help you choose a solution that will best meet your needs, we’ve identified the top-performing connectivity providers on Expedia Group through our Connectivity Partner Program awarding top partners with an Elite or Preferred designation. 

Elite Connectivity Partners: An exclusive group of top-performing Expedia Group connectivity partners who offer the highest-quality connection to Expedia Group and comprehensive functionality  
Preferred Connectivity Partners: High-value connectivity providers recognized for their advanced systems with a wide range of products and an excellent connection to Expedia Group 
See the full list of current Elite and Preferred partners

Our easy-to-use platform, Partner Central, will be the primary location for managing reservations, loading inventory, changing rates, and keeping your listing up to date. Many partners opt to use a connectivity provider to link our systems and automatically perform daily tasks. They log in to Partner Central to leverage our more advanced tools including competitive set analysis, real-time market pricing, and other marketing programs. If you have any problems, our local teams are ready to help.

Yes. Expedia Group partners have access to a suite of tools and data insights that help you develop and execute a profitable revenue management strategy. We're constantly innovating and publishing best-practice guidance to support your success.

An online travel agency (OTA) is a key part of your distribution strategy. If your goal is to reach more travelers and attract those who will be happiest at your property, an OTA can help.

At Expedia Group the breadth of our travel supply attracts travelers who are researching, planning, and booking travel. They often plan far in advance, stay longer at your property, and spend more. In addition to helping you fill your rooms, we provide tools and market insights to help you provide outstanding guest experiences and grow your business.

We're one of the world’s leading travel marketplaces, with an extensive brand portfolio that includes both globally recognized and locally relevant travel brands, including Expedia,, Orbitz, Travelocity, and more. Learn more in our About Us section.

No. To keep your workload to a minimum, we automatically email the guest to confirm the reservation.

You can easily cancel a reservation on behalf of a guest in Partner Central. If a cancellation fee applies, you can charge the linked Expedia Virtual Card on the cancellation date.

Yes. The Messages tool in Partner Central allows communication with guests before they arrive and we're happy to include check-in instructions with your property listing. 

As an Expedia Group partner, you choose how you want to accept guest payments. Options include leveraging our secure payment processing to have travelers pay online when they book and charging an Expedia Group issued virtual credit card for payment at checkout. You can also have guests pay you directly at check-out and compensate Expedia Group.

To appeal to the broadest number of travelers, you can choose to offer both options and let the guests decide what's best for them.

It isn't a problem if your property doesn't accept credit cards. We'll make sure your listing communicates how you accept payment (cash, check, credit card, etc.) so travelers are prepared when they arrive. We'll confirm with you in a call to welcome you to the Expedia Group family.

In addition to providing an easy-to-use and secure experience for travelers to book your rooms, Expedia Group invests heavily in advertising, digital marketing, and social media promotion to attract consumers from around the world to your market and individual property.

We're constantly mining our data for insights and emerging travel trends so we can both innovate and develop the best set of free and robust tools that enable you to grow your business. We also operate traveler and partner support centers to help solve the sticky logistical issues that inevitably arise when people set out to explore the world.