Save time and help drive bookings with Auto Rate Match

With Expedia Group’s Auto Rate Match feature, the DaeYoung Hotel Seoul attracts travelers by ensuring its room rates on Expedia Group sites are competitive with those on other travel sites. Automating the process of identifying and matching rates saved hours of manual work and helps the DaeYoung Hotel drive bookings.



  29 rooms

The Problem

The DaeYoung Hotel Seoul, located in the popular Jung-gu district, is just a short walk from the renowned Namdaemun Market, the oldest and largest traditional market in Korea.

In this bustling city, competition is tough. During the peak season, the DaeYoung Hotel is usually fully booked, but attracting travelers in the off-peak season can be a challenge. Mr. Young Min Jang, the hotel’s Reservation Manager, is responsible for managing the hotel’s OTAs and for finding ways to keep the DaeYoung Hotel competitive.

Prior to 2019, the hotel would sometimes see discrepancies across distribution channels from the rates the hotel had manually entered. Once aware of the discrepancy, they would have to manually adjust rates multiple times to maintain the same pricing strategy across channels. The labor-intensive effort was required to stay consistent and placed a significant time demand on Mr. Jang and his team.

“Auto Rate Match automatically performs what we had to do manually every day, reducing the number of staff hours needed, which is what we appreciate the most.”

Mr. Young Min Jang

 Reservation Manager

DaeYoung Hotel Seoul

The Solution

Mr. Jang talked with his Expedia Group market manager about the concern, and she recommended trying Expedia Group’s Auto Rate Match feature, available in Partner Central. The DaeYoung team agreed to test it and, as a result, was able to successfully keep their rates aligned across channels. Travelers finding consistent, competitive rates have more confidence and trust in their choice of where to stay, helping the DaeYoung hotel capture more demand.

The feature is easy to use and clearly indicates which rates have been compared and adjusted for various dates.

Using Auto Rate Match has greatly reduced the number of hours Mr. Jang’s team spends on managing rates. Having his rates automatically matched to those on other sites helps him attract more of the millions of travelers who shop the trusted brands powered by Expedia Group.

The Future

Mr. Jang and the team at the DaeYoung Hotel Seoul use Expedia Partner Central frequently. It’s easy to use and helps save them significant time on everyday tasks. They use the calendar feature to manage inventory and check their reviews and messages daily. Adding the Auto Rate Match feature to their account helps ensure their rates remain competitive, especially during the off-season when it matters the most.

The DaeYoung Hotel’s primary goal is to serve guests well, so they feel like they are staying at their own home. By spending less time on rate matching, Mr. Jang’s team is able to focus more on providing excellent guest service.

The hotel has set ambitious growth targets as sales begin to recover from COVID-19, and its multi-faceted partnership with Expedia Group is a key strategy for reaching those goals.