Revenue management resources

You’re delivering a wonderful guest experience—reviews are compelling, and occupancy is high. Surely revenue performance is also strong. Right? 


Not necessarily. Rates could be too low, expenses too high and you may be losing business to competitors. The resources below can help you better plan for, measure and understand your financial results.

Running a hospitality business is complex. Rising traveler expectations, the increased influence of guest reviews, greater competition–it’s a lot to navigate. Having a revenue management strategy helps you target the right guests, set the right rates and introduce the right promotions.

Your financial success and profitable growth matters to us. Our revenue management resources attempt to break down an increasingly complex area of our business. The articles, guides and tools you find here will help you create revenue strategies that meet your goals and reflect the uniqueness of your property.

Our guide is designed to provide you with a foundational understanding of revenue management - how targeting guests, setting rates and measuring success work together to drive profitable growth. Accompanying articles provide simple, step-by-step explanations of key lodging success metrics and how to calculate them. We’ve also outlined and explained common terms and language used in revenue management in our glossary.

Our revenue management resources also include observations and suggestions for how to leverage available data, distribution channels and travel patterns to optimize your business. There are also free revenue management tools to help our partners fine-tune their strategies and ensure a healthy bottom line.