Hotel distribution

Today, hotels, inns and guesthouses have more access to travelers than ever before. Millions now research, plan and book their travel online, giving hoteliers an expanded global reach. Yet maintaining visibility across different distribution channels and staying competitive has become increasingly complex.

A distribution strategy aligned to your business goals will help you focus and achieve profitable growth. The resources on this page will help. You’ll find ideas for crafting an effective distribution channel mix, recommendations for assessing profitability and suggestions for targeting your best guests.

Digital travel sales are expected to reach a new high of $815 billion in 2020, leaving little doubt that the number of online booking channels will continue to grow, creating an increasingly complex hotel distribution landscape. Research from Expedia Group revealed that travelers make an average of 43 searches before booking travel and analysis from McKinsey indicates there are 45 different touchpoints in the average travelers’ journey to book a hotel room. Between an increasing number of channels and the non-linear buying behavior of travelers, profitable hotel distribution is only going to get more difficult.

We’ll continue to publish articles, guides and tips to support you as you work to engage high value guests from specific markets and optimize your mix of direct and indirect channels to capture profitable bookings. Our revenue management tools and property analytics can help, as can our worldwide team of knowledgeable account managers. Your distribution success and sustained growth matters to us.