2020 research: What travelers want

In 2020, early signs indicated the return of travel. Yet uncertainty lingered. COVID-19 continued to make headlines.  

To understand travelers’ evolving expectations, we launched a global survey. Inside this report, you'll find insights from thousands of travelers and tips to guide your recovery strategy. 

Note: We’ve updated this research! View our latest traveler insights in our 2021 report.

34,000 travelers 

Representatives across critical demographic categories 

13 countries 

Insights from major markets across the globe

125+ unique findings 

Travelers insights and data found nowhere else 

plan to book a hotel or vacation rental within the first six months

When will travel return?

Our research revealed good news: 57% of people plan to book travel within six months. What’s more encouraging, 34% will book within three months. With this encouraging news comes a word of warning: traditional booking behaviors have been turned upside down. In this report, we explore which demographics will travel first, what kind of trips they will take, and how they plan to book and stay. 


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7 out of 10 prefer to book stays through a travel agent

How can you prepare for new booking behaviors?

With uncertainty prevailing, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing booking windows at the extremes. This trend is further driven by a shift to domestic travel — how domestic travelers search and book is one of the biggest opportunities, and liabilities, in our new world. In the report, we explore how booking windows are changing, what surprising factors travelers are weighing most heavily when booking, and how you can stand out from the crowd. 


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of travelers can be motivated to extend their stay

How can you drive more revenue?

While the landscape of travel is changing, there is opportunity on the horizon. Overwhelmingly, travelers can often be motivated to travel, and to extend their stay, with the right approach. However, travelers are also pickier than ever. With more options and competition for their dollar, they are more particular in their demands. In the report we explore what is driving longer stays, how to tailor your guest experience, as well as new strategies to drive help revenue. 


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