Traveler Insights | Q2 2023

To continue understanding ever-changing traveler intent and demand, our Q2 Traveler Insights examines traveler behavior by leveraging first-party data from the previous quarter. Using search and booking behavior from hundreds of millions of travelers visiting our websites, our data gives partners insights that will inform how to connect with travelers.

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Search volumes increase globally quarter-over-quarter

Traveler searches across our Expedia Group sites increased by 25% globally, with the strongest increases seen in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Year-over-year, the Asia Pacific region saw 65% growth in traveler searches as the region continued to open.

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Travelers continue to plan farther ahead

Search windows continued to lengthen, as the 180+ day search window increased by 30% quarter-over-quarter globally.

Additionally, the 91 to 180-day search window saw the strongest growth, with a 60% increase quarter-over-quarter.

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Top destinations for Q1 2023

In Q1, beach and city getaways remained popular. On the global list of top 10 destinations, New York City, Las Vegas and London held on to the top spots, while Paris moved from no. 8 to no. 5 and Honolulu joined the ranks at no. 9.

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