Lights, camera, vacation: Where tourism and media meet

“Tourism is about a narrative and telling a story. We’ve [...] moved beyond the tourist gaze where we just […] get on a tour bus and get out, take your selfie, and then move on. It’s about interacting.”

— Dr. Stephen Pratt, professor and department chair of Tourism, Events, and Attractions at the University of Central Florida

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Dr. Stephen Pratt

Dr. Stephen Pratt is professor and department chair of Tourism, Events and Attractions at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida. He has wide-ranging research interests, including tourism economics, film tourism, and sustainability.

Angelique Miller

Angelique Miller is responsible for leading Expedia Group Media Studio, a full service, in-house creative agency which includes creative design and development, content creation, strategy, social media, and project management teams. Her team of passionate storytellers collaborates with brands to create unique and compelling media experiences.

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