Orbitz, the number one way to book travel on mobile devices, is part of the Expedia Group family. Join us to showcase your property in front of millions of travelers.

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Orbitz is on a mission to reward its millions of customers. Our innovative cash-back style loyalty program is 10 million members and growing, allowing them to earn and instantly redeem rewards and travel dollars, known as Orbucks, on hundreds of thousands of flights, hotels and packages worldwide. Travelers can also use the Orbitz Rewards Visa®Card to earn even more rewards. Joining Orbitz will help your property leverage the Orbitz Rewards program to drive more bookings for your property.

Orbitz is also the number one way to book travel on mobile; the Orbitz mobile app ranked the highest in overall customer satisfaction among travelers in a 2019 JD Power survey. The app allows travelers to easily search and book travel, receive real-time travel updates, quickly connect with Orbitz customer service and manage upcoming trips.

When you become an Orbitz Partner, you’ll be joining Expedia Group; home to more than 200 booking sites, 590K properties, 1.8M online bookable vacation rentals, 500+ airlines, 175+ car rental companies and 35K+ activities. Expedia Group offers travelers the ability to search for everything they can dream, easily, and all in one place.

As an Expedia Group Partner, you’ll have instant access to Partner Central, our platform offering a host of innovative tools to help make day-to-day management of your business quick and simple.

Join Orbitz and start welcoming high-value guests today!

How it works

1. Say hello!

5 minutes on average

Listing is free and it’s easy to get started. Just tell us about your property (Is it an inn? A vacation home? A ryokan?) and we’ll set up your account.

2. Sign up

5 minutes on average

Log in and let’s take care of business—review standard business terms and decide how you want to accept payments. More detail is in the FAQs below.

3. Get ready

20-30 minutes on average

It’s time to set expectations for guests. Your listing shares what makes your property special, your policies, availability and rates. Travelers like detail and love photos–capture more business by including lots of both.

4. Greet guests

0-15 minutes

That’s it! Once your listing is live, travelers planning holidays around the world can book your rooms. You can message them to ask questions and share more information before they arrive.

Stay booking ready

Capturing imaginations and setting expectations ensures you book rooms and land glowing reviews. We’ll help you craft a powerful listing, control availability, and fine-tune your performance.

Target travelers

When there’s a specific objective—fill last minute vacancies or encourage longer stays—target travelers with similar desires. We offer marketing programs for every need, budget and timeline, so you get the results you need.

Price with confidence

Deciding to make bold pricing moves or small rate adjustments is easier with real-time market data at your fingertips. We share what we know and make implementing changes fast and easy.

Manage reviews

When travelers are spoilt for choice, outstanding reviews can sway their decision. Stack the odds by messaging guests before they arrive, anticipating needs and confirming they’re happy during their stay. We can help.